Eyebrow sculpt and tint/dye services.

Brow sculpt, brow shape


Brow Sculpt

You can choose waxing or razor method to remove hair, service followed by cleansing the brows area, mapping precision waxing/shape, tinting, trimming, tweezing.


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A far less invasive way to achieve voluminous color is through eyebrow tinting. This involves the professional application of tinted color at a salon. Results last up to 4 weeks on hair, a few day on skin before you may need to repeat the process. Tinting looks much more natural than a brows pencil and cannot wipe off for a certain time even in the water.


brows tint


Brow sculpt and hybrid dye service, followed by cleansing the brows area, mapping precision waxing, tinting, trimming, tweezing. Eyebrows dye in a different colour options that are customised to suit you. Extra long-term effect lasts up to 7 days on skin and up to 7 weeks on hairs.


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Tint vs Dye What the difference?

tint dye

Hair tint and hair dye are actually two completely different things.

While hair dye is meant to be more permanent, hair tint is considered semi-permanent. Hair tint differs from hair dye because the tinting process adds an extra layer of color to your strands. Basically, you’re just adding a layer of pigment on top of the color that’s already on your hair.

This process should result in a subtle, transparent hue, and adds a colorful detail to your base hair color. Tinting your hair can also result in a more sheen-filled appearance.

🤎Tint is designed to colour the hair, but not the skin beneath the hair. You may find there is some staining on the skin, but this usually washes away over a couple of days. Tint washes gradually out of the hair. The effect can be more natural, or quite dramatic – it depends on the colour you choose! Brow Tint will last around 4 weeks in your brows.


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🤎 Bronsun Dye is the newest option for colouring your brows. It’s the longest-lasting choice for colouring your brows. Rather than washing out of the hair like tint or henna, dye is permanent and needs to grow out. It can last up to 7 weeks in your hair! Like henna, dye leaves a lovely stain on your skin, to help hide gaps or create a bold, beautiful brow. This stain can last up to 2 weeks, or even longer on some lucky people!

You can choose to keep your stain soft and natural-looking, or we can process it to more of a tattooed-brow effect. While dye is often used for a dramatic brow, we can also achieve a more natural look, making dye a super versatile option suitable for almost anyone.

brow shape and tint, sculpt melbourne




- Keep the eyebrows dry for up to 24 hours after the treatment. So also not to the sauna or hot yoga.
- Avoid scrubs, peels and alcoholic products on the eyebrows as long as the shade is on the skin.
- Do not use creams or cleansing lotions in the eyebrow area.


brow shape and tint, sculpt melbourne